Compilation of movies I made during Step into the Arena in 2015,
Dutch biggest graffiti jam.

On 6 and 7 June more than 150 artists from the Netherlands and the rest of the world are going to make their appearance in the EINDHOVEN Arena, the Berenkuil. Last year there were more than 10,000 visitors, young and old, who have enjoyed the cosy, creative atmosphere that Step in the Arena brings.

LINEup Step in the Arena 2015:
CMP (DK), Swet (DK), Boogie (CH), Hombre (D), Atom (D), Wow123 (D), Can2 (D), Ratur & Sckaro (F), Most (D), Heis (D), Zay (D), Raptuz (I), Reser (I), Belin (ES), Koka (Mex), Pener (Pol), Golden Green (D), Formula 76 (D), Trun (Rus), Bios (Ukr), Truba (Rus), Wert159 (Rus), Poeta (Arg), London Police, LovePusher (UK), Twesh (UK), Kurve (F), Skio (F), Neist (UK, Bims (F), Dater (D), Nask (Lux), Derm (B), Dilk (UK), Flai (ES), Smates (B), Kaisy (Slo), Kkade (CH), Nomad (D), Hifi (D), Marte (I), Spiros (Bra), Ment (Bra), Parlee (UK), Ojey (D), Toaster (UK), Klaas van der Linden (B), Semor (D), Stom500 (F), Pures (Aus), Zero (Hun), FatHeat (Hun), Transone (Hun), Böki (Hun), Weis (D), Herz (D), More (D), Pout (D), Olas (aus), Zurik (Col), Jazor (Mex), Drain (Mex), Zoer (Es), Maim (Aus), Nash, Puaks, Chas, Mega en Romeo, Druid, Telmo en Miel, June, Knal, Zime, Sektie, Sunk, Zenk, Behind, Weird, Mr.Mister, Remko Koopman, Neas, Cry, Poen, Sign, Be Easy, SimianSwitch, Poison, SergeKB, Byz, Kinos, Beast, Roofie, Font, Pims, Rumbl, Dave de Leeuw, Real, Clone. Treak, Phene, Loets, Caer & Marc, Sapo, Pham, Alpha, Byrns, Studio Giftig, Unone & Narcoze, Bier en Brood, Van de Straat.


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